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Political Process & Urban Youth Development In Niger Delta

At in-dependency in 1960, the nigerian populace was approximately 50 million. Presently we’re an estimate 158 million, meaning that a hundred and twenty million nigerians are below the age of 43 years. If those above 60 years are handiest about 38 million, it therefore method the ones among the a long time of 18- 43 years are most people. That is approximately a hundred and ten million. Registered electorate are presently 130 million in line with electoral fee of nigeria, simply extra than half of those eligible to vote are 18 years and above. The pertinent query is therefore: where are the rest of capacity electorate as out of the one hundred ten million registered voters, only much less than eighty million voted in 2007?

The difficult reality can not be bailed out, as greater than 142 million people by using the nigerian regulation are eligible to vote, with the exception of the ex-convict and the de-franchised.

Then the following ethical summations are put down figuratively:

O 20 million kids elderly 18 and above don’t have any identification cards mechanically disposing of them from the vote casting system youth.
O a considerable number of them have no beginning certificate consequently they do now not exist.
O majority (34.Three%) of the teenagers who have votes are apathetic to the entire manner. They experience their vote casting would now not make a specific.
O for the adolescents that vote, majority (32 million) vote for the wrong reasons which include: electing leaders from their ethnic companies despite the fact that they do not merit, electing those who’ve dished out the maximum cash, peer strain and often pressure from one’s own family to vote for particular chief as a block.
O a huge percentage of the youngsters watch on the periphery as they’re blind to the significance of being in political birthday celebration particularly in the mainstream politics have been important selections about a country are made.
O civic training has yet to fully included and emphasized that there are youth who are amazing leaders and advantage a chance.

As for those children in mainstream politics, they face the following:

O patronage; in which senior celebration individuals do now not create areas for the teens to play critical roles within the political parties.
O loss of clean political birthday party ideology and cost gadget that guides the operation of the birthday party and the behavior of its participants indiscriminately specially on age and gender.
O ethnicity in which club of most political events is dictated by means of ethnicity stemming from the founders of the events or the people that are funding it. This has induced chaos, and loads of heartache for youngsters who find themselves barred from progressing or participating in essential roles. The shift of loyalty, mistrust, corruption and vertical solidarity determines who receives what in the political events.
O gender discrimination has had a negative impact on younger women in the parties whose participation is confined and their contribution unrecognized. The lifestyle of violence, dust slinging and person assassination has discouraged many ready younger ladies from absolutely accomplishing politics.
O loss of resources, in particular investment political activities and maintaining the specified mechanisms.

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